@Yuki || Closed || Time for Change

Shun was waiting on yuki out around his dorm, pacing back and forth in front of the door. They had planed to cut his hair back to a normal short length. But he was nervous, could Yuki find the dorm.? no more so was yuki still coming? So many questions were running threw the boys head he couldn’ stop pacing.

He let out a soft sigh giving a warm smile. He had everything placed on the table, towel for his shoulders, nice cutting scissors, and some hair pins to pin back some hair. He put his hands behind his jacket leaning against the wall outside the room glancing around. He just couldn’t get enough of the fact a friend was coming over to spend time with we him.

Shun started to hum softly and closes his eyes as he was against the wall. He hummed his favorite nursery rhyme. What a perfect tone for Shun of all things, it just fit his personality even more. He was slowly turning himself outta everything that he didn’t even noticed that Yuki did find the dorm as was already heading up to him.